Facebook Business Page settings. Not the sexiest of social media topics, so if you’ve clicked through to read this I thank you. And I welcome you, because it means you and I are going to get along just fine. Because you and I both know you need to get the basics right before you start chasing all the cool new shiny things.

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Your Facebook business page has lots (and lots) of settings. And while Facebook is trying to make them easy to navigate and manage, the settings section is still mind numbingly boring. And confusing. But it’s worth persevering because a few clicks of your mouse in the right place can make your business more visible, your page easier to find and easier for you to manage.

The first thing I do when I start coaching my one-on-one clients is check and optimise their page settings. It’s a quick and easy way to get runs on the board and to know that the work we do together on their social media marketing will get the best possible results.

So here are the top four things that I do to optimise a Facebook business page.

1. Check Your Page Button

That little blue button on the page can pack some punch so check it’s set to drive the right actions for your business. To change your button, go to your page, hold your mouse over the button then select ‘Edit Button’. You’ll see a list of options to choose from. It’s quick and easy to change so you can update it whenever you want. For example, my button usually drives people to book a coaching session with me, however I’ve just launched a free Facebook group called Be Your Own Social Media Star (feel free to join!), so that’s where my button goes to at the moment.

Facebook Business Page Settings - Page Button

Page Visibility

It’s worth going through your ‘General’ settings at some point to check everything is ticketyboo – but if you have a gazillion other things you’d rather be doing, then here’s the three that are worth checking. To change any of these settings, just click ‘Edit’ on the right-hand side and choose from the options given.

Profanity Filter: usually this is switched off by default. Setting it to medium or strong helps to keep anything too sweary or offensive off your page. I usually set this to Strong.

Similar Page Suggestions: again, this is often switched off by default. Switching it on will include your business when Facebook recommends similar pages that people might like. If you do nothing else, do this.

Page Updates: this one is usually switched on by default and means every time you change your page info – updating contact details etc – a post about this change will appear in your newsfeed. I usually switch this off so that I’m free to make changes without spamming people. Note that changes to profile pics and header images will still show in your newsfeed.

Facebook Business Page Settings - General Settings

Tidy Up Your Tabs

Visiting a page that has lots of empty tabs is like walking through a shopping mall where half the stores are empty. Not a positive experience! Facebook will show all the tabs by default, so it’s up to you to go through and hide the tabs you aren’t currently using.

In Settings, click on Templates and Tabs in the lefthand navigation. You’ll then see a list of the tabs that are live on your page. If there are tabs listed there that you aren’t using – such as Events, Jobs, Offers, Lives – then you can switch them off by tapping on the ‘Settings’ button then clicking to switch the toggle from ON to OFF. Some tabs don’t have an ON/OFF toggle which means they can’t be hidden from your page.

Any tabs you switch off can be easily switched back on again at a later date using the ‘Add Tabs’ button at the bottom of the page.

You can also rearrange the order that your tabs appear in. Simply click and hold on the three lines to the left of the Tab name and drag to where you want it to be.

Facebook Business Page Settings - Templates and Tabs

Set Up Your Automated Responses

Probably one of THE most useful tools your page has and well worth taking the time to explore. Today we’re just going to look at the Frequently Asked Questions setting as this allows you to set up simple Q&As to help your customers or potential customers get the info they need instantly without you having to man your inbox 24/7.

To find this, go to your In Box, click on ‘Automated Response’s in the left-hand navigation then click on ‘Frequently Asked Questions’. Once in there you’ll see fields that allow you to add four questions and the answers to those questions. You can use this to provide information, you can upload attachments or add buttons that take people to pages on your website. These questions will be available to anyone who starts a messenger conversation with you – making it easy for them to get information without having to do all that pesky typing. You can also make these questions available throughout the conversation rather than just at the beginning.

Over on the far right-hand side you’ll see how it looks in messenger and you can give the Q&A a test run.

Facebook Business Page Settings - Automated Responses

There are about eleventy billion other settings behind your Facebook page that are worth reviewing. But if you have these four covered and you’ve got your contact details up to date then you’ve got the basics covered.

If you’d like more handy tips and advice just like this, then come on over to my Facebook Group so you too can learn to Be Your Own Social Media Star!

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