Sometimes having social media accounts for a business is a bit like having a house full of teenagers.

You give them everything you need – your time, your energy and your money. But they still lie around doing nothing, leaving you wondering why on earth you bother.

There’s just no reasoning with teenagers. But reasoning is exactly what makes a difference when it comes to social media.

Knowing exactly what your social presence is – or isn’t – delivering for your business is critical. Auditing your social media accounts benchmarks your performance, sets (or resets) your objectives and shows where to focus time and resource to get the results you need.

After all, you can’t figure out how to get where you need to be until you know exactly where you are, right?

Start by optimising social media account settings

Your social media accounts are like a shop window for your business. Making sure they’re up-to-date and fan-friendly is what stops people from simply walking on by.

Facebook likes business pages that are verified and have complete bios, rewarding them with higher visibility in search results. Having your accounts set up correctly is important too. This signals what kind of business you are and who your business should be recommended to. It also unlocks tools that make promoting and managing your social media presence easier.

An audit starts with a Warrant of Fitness to check everything is running correctly. It makes recommendations on settings that need changing, highlights information that needs updating and ensures you’re taking advantage of the tools each platform offers.

Benchmark results

Platform Insights are a great snapshot, but if you’re serious about results you’ll need to dig deeper to set benchmarks and track key metrics over time.

An audit uses historical data to benchmark metrics like reach, engagement, fanbase growth, website clicks and conversions such as online sales. Those benchmarks are used to track success and measure the impact of changes the platform has made – such as those dreaded algorithm updates.

Once benchmarks are set, you can easily see where and how they align with business objectives.

Set (or reset) objectives

When it comes to results, no one number on its own means much. You may have lots of fans, but it doesn’t mean a thing if you’re not reaching them, they’re not engaging with you or converting into a more tangible result like a sale or a signup.

An audit identifies what’s working well and where improvements will help deliver the results your business needs. It gives you the information you need to set – or reset – your social media objectives based on either the resources you have available or the results you need to achieve.

Need to improve your results but don’t have additional time or money? An audit will show you where to focus what you have and set realistic and achievable objectives to aim for.

Need social media to deliver a specific result to justify a continued presence? An audit can quantify the level of resources required to deliver what your business needs.

It can take a lot of time and energy to keep your social media presence going. So getting a return on your investment is important. Having your social media accounts audited shows which actions drive results so you use your resources more efficiently.

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